30-150TPD Wheat Flour Plant

30-150 TPD wheat  flour plant is steel constructed flour milling equipment of vertical structure. The sifters are located at the top of the plant, allowing the stock to pass downward through the sifters with the use of gravity rather than exclusively with the use of a pneumatic device. This decreases the power consumption and simplifies operation of wheat milling process. To increase the capacity for extraction, we also have developed several bearing mills, patented aluminum sifter screens and steel support frames.


40 TPD Wheat Flour Plant Under Construction

Under Construction 40T  plant  40T wheat flour plant


Model Capacity (TPD) Power(KW) Weight(T) Dimension(L×W×H) m
6FTFG40A 40 99 15 15×6×7


60 TPD Wheat Flour Plant

60TPD wheat flour plant

Model Capacity (TPD) Power(KW) Weight(T) Dimension(L×W×H) m
6FTFG60A 60 135 19 26×8×7.5

These innovations allow for the 60 TPD wheat flour plant equals that of large-sized plant in quality at a lower cost and smaller space requirement.

Many advantages are conferred by the steel construction of vertical structure: compact structure, convenient installation and operation, low costs and high efficiency


80 TPD Wheat Flour Plant

80 TPD Flour Mill Plant

Model Capacity(TPD) Power(KW) Dimension(L×W×H) m
6FTFD 80 230 22×8×10


In the steel-constructed series of complete sets of wheat flour plant, the flour milling equipment is assembled in vertical structure. The flour mill, flour receiver and bran receiver are located on the first floor; the high-plane sifter and blower on the second floor; and the air seal and cyclone on the third floor. This 80 TPD wheat flour plant has a compact structure, easy to install and operate, and requires a minimal investment.

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