300-500 kg/h 6FY Model

Single 6FY wheat milling machine is a more basic design. It is efficient, capable of a large output, and are reliable. The finished product is at a low temperature. The flour is sieved with a round nylon screen, making it easy to exchange parts. Equipped with special components to adjust both the milling process and the space between rollers for optimal usage of the machine.

FY small flour mill

Application: It can be used to mill wheat, sorghum, coffee, cocoa, other grains, and to grind chemicals of similar consistency.

Model Capacity (kg/h) Power Weight(KG) Dimension(mm)
6FY-35 350 7.5KW(380v,50hz) 560 1300*750*1430
6FY-40 400 11KW(380v,50hz) 600 1300*750*1430
6FY-50 500 11/15KW 810 1450*800*1500
6FY-60 600 18.5/22KW 930 1450*850*1600
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