350-500 kg/h 6FX Model

Wheat flour grain mill manufacturer design primarily for individual usage. Although these are small wheat flour grain mill, they can process a number of materials such as maize, corn, rice and sorghum. It consists of a two-part system, a wheat cleaning system and flour grinding system. Wheat cleaning system utilizes a pneumatic cleaning methodology. The flour grinding system is composed of good quality, high speed roller mill, a reinforced flour extractor, a blower, and air-tight pipes.

FX series flour mill
Model Capacity(kg/h) Power Weight(kg) Packing(mm)
6FX-35 300-400 7.5+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 950 2000*2200*2200
6FX-40 350-450 11+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 1050 2050*2200*2200
6FX-50 500 11/15+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 1200 2010*2200*2200
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