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Small Scale Flour Milling Machine

Small scale flour milling machine process grian into its powder form by grinding, Wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour are some of the examples.

small scale flour milling machines

Components of a small scale flour milling machine

  • The cleaning part/unit – As the name suggests this unit helps in cleaning.

    For example if wheat flour needs to be generated then the wheat first needs to be cleaned. The wheat which is first put into the mouth of the machine needs to be separated from small stones, pebbles, husk or any other impurities. Once the cleaning is done the unwanted waste from the wheat is removed out of the small scale flour milling machine and only clean wheat is passed on to the next unit of the machine.

  • The milling part/unit – After the cleaning process is completed, the material is now passed on to the milling part where the actual process happens. Here the grian is first crushed by weights and then grinded with grinders .The powdered form of the solid crushed is obtained in this part of the small scale flour milling machine. Majority of the work happens in the first two parts of the machine, after extensive cleaning in the first part and thorough grinding in the second part now the flour obtained is shifted to another unit of the machine.
Model Capacity(T/24H) Power(KW)
6FS Series 300-500 7.5-11
6FC Series 300-450 7.5-15
6FX Series 350-500 7.5-15
6FY Series 300-500 7.5-18

Advantages of Small scale flour milling machines

  • Reduces human effort and helps the owner save money in terms of paying his employees to work. Just 2 to 3 employees is all that is required to take care of the entire small scale flour milling machine. If packing unit is installed then the entire work can be organised by just a couple of employees.
  • The flour which is obtained is completely hygienic and pure.
  • High production rate to meet the demands of the market.
  • Reduction in wastage of flour during the process.
  • Requirement of only a small place to install the machine to carry out the entire process of the mill.

Small scale flour milling machine can be a fantastic prospect for entrepreneurs of all age group, all that it requires is minimal investment and efforts. Profits are almost assured as flours of all kinds are an everyday requirement in all of our homes. With the rise in the number of bakers, restaurants and all other small business industries which make use of flour across the globe, it makes small scale flour mill machine a great business prospective and a huge profit investment.

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