50 TPD Wheat Flour Processing Machinery

wheat flour processing
50 TPD Wheat Flour Processing Machinery
This is one of our standard products, installed at numerous sites around the world.

I. Cleaning technology

Adopts two sifters, two beaters, two stoners, two magnetic separators, as well as a pneumatic flow process that simultaneously transports the wheat and removes dust. The process is able to produce the finest grades of wheat flour.

II. Technology used in the wheat flour processing
Middling is extracted using 4B and 4M processing technology in full consideration of dynamics of the milling process. The machinery is designed to ensure the integrity and purity of bran to yield more high quality flour.

III. Main econo-technical indicators:

1. Production capacity: 50 TPD
2. Flour extraction rate:
       F1 flour: 68–72 percent
       F2 flour: 70–75 percent
       Co-production of special flour and standard flour, percent (50:25)
3. Flour quality: achieves or exceeds GB1355-86 standards
4. Power consumed per ton of flour: 60 kWh
5. Noise level: less than 90 dB
7. Dimensions: 30m x 7m x 6.5m
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