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Wheat Cleaning Process Equipment

The impurity in the wheat is split into undersize, minerals and other impurities etc three categories, screening uses the different width and thickness between impurities and wheat. Wheat cleaning process requirement: precleaning rate is above 90%, first screen cleaning part removal efficiency of large and small impurities not less than 65%, normal content of integrity wheat in the impurities should not exceed 1%.


Wheat Cleaning Process Equipment
Dirty Wheat →Vibrating Screen → Destoner → Wheat Scourer → Elevator → Wheat Tempering


1. Vibrating screen is composed of screen, feeding device, discharge hopper, driving mechanism and frame parts, screen is equipped with two layers, generally the upper screen surface is Ф 8 round hole, the lower is Ф 3 round hole


2. Destoner uses the different characteristics of weight and suspension velocity of wheat and stone, with the help of up through air prompt wheat and stone grading.


3. Wheat scourer can remove the debris, rocks and shell on the wheat skin, improves the colour and lustre of flour, reduce the ash content of flour.


4. Tempering is a key technical measures to improve the flour yield, reduce the power consumption.


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