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Trace Back Flour Milling History

Flour contains carbohydrates is indispensable to people's life, and the history of flour milling is long. In the beginning of human culture, the earliest flour mill machine is just two pieces of stones, the flour is very rough with the wheat grits and weeds, gravel etc. Along with the progress, people have invented the early stone mill - basin shaped stone mill, but it is still quite difficult for flour milling. The development of modern mechanical flour mill machine should be traced back to last century, mainly distributed in Europe. And in recent decades, flour milling industry also correspondingly finishes the optimized integration of industrialization.

KMEC flour milling project

For now, it is good for you to understand the structure of flour mill machine daily maintenance. It consists of power system, feeding system, flour milling and separation systems.
1. Power system including motor, belt pulley, v-belts, spindle pulley and shaft;
2. Feeding system consists of hopper, limited plate and the feed tube;
3. Milling system composed of mill body and landing leg;
4. Separation system made of brushes, spherical sifter, compressive screw and gong frame.

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