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The Storage and Processing of Wheat

Flour milling plant purchases a large number of new wheat to increase the production of raw materials inventory in the wheat harvest. Wheat storage is at its peak of high temperature, humidity season, suitable for worms, mold reproduction and easy to harm the wheat. In addition to the processing character of new wheat, it is easy to cause the flour production quality instability. How to storage and processing of new wheat is the first problem flour milling plant should be faced with every year.


Storage of Wheat
Try and keep the processing quality of wheat inherent quality; second, you must prevent the occurrence of pests, mildew, which cause the amount of loss; third, cut down the cost of grain storage, reasonable shorten the storage time, reduce the risk of market price. To do all these well done, you must know some characteristics of the new wheat during storage.


1) Temperature
Wheat breathing and insect mildew activity is extremely weak, grain temperature will be no significant change. Grain temperature change is mainly affected by temperature, the thermal conductivity of wheat is very poor, so the food changes in temperature is always lower than the temperature. Good heat insulation performance warehouse is helpful to keep lower grain heap temperature.


2) Water content
Water is medium of all kinds of biochemical reaction, is a key factor affecting wheat heap of ecosystem changes, reduce water content is conducive to the completion of wheat after cooked. Safe water content for grain storage is of great significance. When wheat water content is below 13%, it can suppress the growth of most microorganisms and mites, water below 10% can restrict most of the insect pests. Due to the internal water content of grain heap distribution is uneven, you should stratified random sampling, and check of the key parts.


3) Protein
If improper storage, wheat protein denaturation occurs or decomposition, which will lose its water absorption capacity and expansion capabilities, make a loss of gluten elasticity and tensile, and impact of wheat processing and practical quality, as a result, it makes original nutrition composition change of wheat. Therefore, pay attention to protein thermal alteration in the wheat storage. The higher the wheat water content more prone to degeneration; 55 to 60 ℃ temperature may occur thermal denaturation, the more long time for heating the degeneration increase.


The Characteristics of New Wheat and Usage
Water content and endosperm starch structure of new wheat in the storage period have great changes, which tends to stabilization after 22 weeks. The new wheat should better store for 2-3 months for flour milling, then gradually improve the adding proportion with production of flour. During the process of new wheat using, flour milling plant can gradually increase the new proportion of wheat only in the premise of guarantee the stability of flour quality.


New Wheat Flour Processing
New wheat endosperm component is not close combination without post-mature stage, adhesion strength is weak, thick cortex makes the endosperm is not easy separation, peel degree of break system should be appropriate improve, and as well the wheat bran finishers power. Regular observe the material particle degree change in the process of production, according to the change of the specific circumstances to adjust grinding system. It is at high temperature, high humidity season during the new wheat processing, high water content of wheat increase the difficult of screening system, flour milling plant can use thin powder sieve mesh or reduce the grinding production to guarantee the flour yield.


New wheat purchase time is the low season sales of flour milling plant, it will take a long storage period before wheat store, So strictly control the water content of wheat, adopt moisture, mould resisting, take step immediately to avoid economic loss.

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