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Large Scale Flour Machine

Production capacity of large scale flour machine is generally above 100 t, which can produce grade flour and special flour. The flour quality is high, large output and high degree of automation, which is suitable for large flour processing plant.


There are two types of large scale flour machine: floor structured and steel-frame structure.

steel structure flour machine

Height of large scale flour machine of floor structure is commonly 3 layers or more than three storeys, flour machinery and equipment are relying on the ground of floor. The flour milling process adopts double milling machine or fully automatic pneumatic grinder, and equipped with high square plansifter, and purifier, what’s the most important, cleaning process can use wet or dry method, or wet and dry method.


Steel-frame structure of large scale flour machine is based on the ground and steel plate to fix the equipments. It can maximize the use of plant space.

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