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Flour Machine Production Step

As early as 5000 years ago in China, wheat flour stone mill was exists, due to different varieties and different parts of the moisture content of wheat with different characteristics. Stone flour mill usually made of two pieces of certain thickness of the elliptic cylindrical stone. The upper stone has a hole, the grinding grain across the hole into the grinding chamber to be ground into powder, and flour powder discharge from cracks of two stones. In ancient times, labor force or animal power were used to push the stone mill.


Following is the flour machine production step analysis
1. Raw Material
Wheat is composed of embryo, endosperm and wheat skin three parts. Each part by weight of the ratio of: endosperm 82 ~ 85%, embryo 2 ~ 3%, wheat skin 12 ~ 14%. The Endosperm contains a lot of starch, and contains some gluten composed of peptone, flour machine is the principal raw material used to make bread, cakes, etc. Wheat skin contains growth of dietary fiber, is the essential nutrient elements.


2. Cleaning
The main purpose is to clean straw, sand and gravel, wool, and weeds etc impurities which can reflect flour extraction rate. Vibrating screen is usually adopted for cleaning.


3. Water Conditioning
The purpose of water conditioning: (1) make wheat absorb capacity of the water, the endosperm will easily to be grinding. (2) make the skin toughening and not easily broken when grinding. (3) make the technological process consolidated.


4. Wheat Dampening (wheat after wash depositing a period of time)
Wheat dampening depositing period mainly for water to penetrate grains, and make the water evenly between wheat, so that wheat skin and endosperm can easily separate, fine grinding wheat skin easily, because of toughness increased. Because of the weather, wheat varieties the dampening at different time in 12 - 30 hours, the stone mill flour into the best grinding wheat moisture content is between 13-14.5%. Hard wheat dampening period and the average moisture content is higher than the soft wheat.


5. Stone Flour Mill Grinding and Sieving
Stone flour mill is different from the modern flour mill machine. Stone flour mill biggest feature is the low temperature, low speed grinding, prevents the high temperature and high speed rotation damage to flour contains some nutrient substances, maximum retained the wheat gluten, melanin, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and other nutrient material. Stone flour mill retained the original of wheat flour, taste flexibility, nutrient value is higher, is really normal natural green food.


6. Classification
Flour grinding by stone flour mill are divided into ordinary stone mill flour, dumpling flour, whole wheat flour, etc


7. Drying
Stone mill flour is low speed grinding flour containing part of low water consumption, and do not add any additives, so dry the flour to reduce moisture make it easy to store.


8. Packing
The packing bag of stone mill flour had better ventilation package, which it easy to store.


stone flour millAdvantages of Stone Flour Mill
In today's society, economic level increase as well as people life level, the demand for food and health is more and more high, so the good quality of flour draw more people's attention, however, there are many bad manufacturers to cut corners, processing of flour is not enough to meet the requirements of people.


From the process design, stone flour mill flour use scientific hook slot stone mill, grinding in the condition of low speed, low temperature, so the corresponding flour yield is low. It greatly reduce the number of times in grinding, the fragrance of wheat germ, protein, carotene, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, dietary fiber and other nutrients completely retained, it does not need any additive, make flour quality guaranteed.

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