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Five Process of the Small Flour Mill

As we all know, small flour mill is easy to use, what is the reason? Actually, the five processes of flour milling procedure can provide us with the best service:


6FC small Flour Mill 6FX small Flour Mill
6FC small Flour Mill 6FX small Flour Mill

1. Screening is the first step to remove impurities.
We usually use a vibrating screen. The wheat is clean after debris, iron filings, and mildew wheat had been process.

2. Water jet cleaning.
On the one hand, this regulates the wheat moisture and hardness which is very conducive to wheat peeling, on the other hand is also ensure the food clean.

3. Transmission of wheat.
The wheat will be vacuum sucked up in pipes after belt conveyor ship them up.

4. Flour milling.
Small flour mill can continuous process wheat. Modern flour system is divided into four parts, namely, break, purification, scratch system and reduction system.

5. Screening.
Mixed meal goes to screening part in order to separate the flour and wheat bran, and the germ will be extracted.


Flour processing program of small flour mill is roughly the above five steps, we welcome you send inquiry for any questions!

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