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Biggest Characteristic of Wheat Flour Machine

Wheat flour machine specifically separate skin, husk etc low density impurities from grain (such as wheat, corn, barley, oil, etc.) It can be used for grain, flour mill plant, corn processing plant, oil, feed factory, alcohol plant, large suction area and excellent air separation effect are its biggest characteristic.


After years of wheat flour machine industry development, fundamental changes have taken place in the concept of complete sets of equipment. The original national designated food machine enterprise bankrupt because of poor management, and some of them restructure into joint-stock company.


Our country's traditional complete set of wheat flour machine equipment is different from large flour processing enterprises, actually it refers to processing wheat under 100 t/d. These devices lag in technology, poor quality of finished product of flour, higher power consumption.

complete set of wheat flour machine equipment


In recent years, especially in nearly a year or two, because of the change in the pattern of food machine industry, the emergence rise of a large number of private enterprises, joint ventures, wholly owned, joint-stock food machine enterprise, the complete sets of flour processing equipment from mechanical processing to milling process design make a qualitative difference.


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