500 t/d Large-Scale Flour Mill

One of our latest develpements is the ability to construct large scale facilities such as our 500 t/d mill. We not only manufacture and install the machinery but provide after-sales service.

High-Technological Processing

1. The pre-cleaning mechanism adopts two sieves (a cylinder and vibrating sieve), two pressure ducts (a vertical suction duct and a cylindrical pressure separator), and magnetic separation within well-sealed conveying systems. 

2. The cleaning process part adopts three sieves, two finishers, two destoners, a foreign seed extractor, a brushing machine, pressurized conveying, two moisture contol units and three magnetic separators. The machinery can handle wheat of any variety or condition yet still maintain a low ash content.

3. The mill uses a 4B 8M 2S 2T 5P process, supported by our unique grinding and sieving combined technology. Special processes contribute to purity in the grinding of the materials with less powder as part of an efficient, high yielding process with low power consumption.

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