12tons Maize Grit-making Machine

The small series of maize grits machine adopts the least investments, labor force and occupied floor space. It has features of  highest level of automation, most advanced technique, premium quality. The whole maize milling process is done by only one time, from initial selection and raw material lifting, eliminating impurity (big ,middle ,small) and stone and iron, dampening raw material, feeding, removing embryo and radicel and bark umbo, crushing, classifying, polishing, choice selecting, packin etc. Finished product can be supplied to supermarket without other process.

grit making machine for maize
Capacity(t/d) Grits Output Power Dimension(mm)
12 98% 21.7kw-4p 2000*500*1000


Finished Maize Grit Products

maize grits
maize grit making
maize grits
maize grit maize grits making machine maize flour
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